Setting up the WebEx In Booking Social

With WebEx you can meet with as few as to  many people – in real time, online. No more frustrating phone conference, you can get more done in easy online meetings. The following are the steps to setup WebEx in Booking Social. Login to Booking Social account, navigate to “Booking […]

Booking appointments from your Facebook page

The ability to book an appointment or schedule a consultation with a business via Facebook or other social profiles could definitely help a small business or service provider stand out from the crowd. Many of your existing customers are already using Facebook, Booking Social enables you to interact with customers and […]

Booking Widget Basic

To book appointment in cute booking widget you have to follow the below steps! STEP 1: To book predefined service and contact, pass the serviceId and contactId to book appointment. This type of widget is highly used when you want to send a email with booking link for your specific […]

Basic Appointment Booking Screen

You can navigate to booking screen by following ways, Go to booking social home and click “Preview Booking” link on account panel. Directly go to {your server url}/apex/BKSLB__ENGN_BookingScreen_Preview?prv={accountname} Booking appointment with basic booking screen Step 1: Select the appropriate service to book appointment and click “Book” button Step 2: Select […]

Adding Appointment Booking Widget To Your Website

When a Booking Social account is created you will get your own appointment booking page for the account. Booking page can be used by your customers and clients to schedule appointments with your business. It is a good idea to integrate Booking Social appointment booking widget in your website, so your website […]

Customize Your Admin Booking Calendar

Admin calendar page will be used by internal Salesforce users. Usually the users will be administrators, epxerts, dispatcher, customer service representatives. How to get into  admin calendar page? Login to your Booking Social  account and navigate to the “Booking Social” tab -> choose a account -> Click Calendar Default calendar will be launched based […]