Adding Appointment Booking Widget To Your Website

When a Booking Social account is created you will get your own appointment booking page for the account. Booking page can be used by your customers and clients to schedule appointments with your business. It is a good idea to integrate Booking Social appointment booking widget in your website, so your website visitors, existing customers can book appointments from your website.

Here is how you can embed Booking Social appointment booking page in your website

Integrate an Appointment Booking Page in your website

1. Login to your Booking Social account, navigate to the “Booking Social” tab.

Booking Social Tab

2.  Choose a account ->click “Configure” and select “Booking Widget” and select “Site Configuration“.


3. You have three booking widget type, select any one and choose your site domain. Embed code will be generated below which can be used as inline iframe in your existing website.


4. If you don’t have sites in your salesforce organization the code will not be generated, so first create a salesforce site.

5. If you are familiar with HTML templates and know how to add code to your website pages, then add the code. However, if you have no idea of adding code to your website’s HTML pages prefer your web developer to do.

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