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Booking Social Package

Booking Social functionality is delivered through an AppExchange package named Booking Social. This is a Managed-Released (MR) package built on the platform and is installed using the standard AppExchange user interface for installing/upgrading packages. Visit App Exchange to get latest Booking Social application.

To get the installation package link subscribed to our Booking Social technical support team by sending the email to us.

Note: The steps listed below are examples only. Since continues to optimize and enhance the installation experience, the actual steps you would see may vary.

Application Installtion Steps

  1. Open an internet browser. To learn if your browser is compatible with Salesforce, click the Help link within the Salesforce application and search for Supported Browsers.
  2. Copy and paste the installation link into the browser’s URL.
  3. Enter your login credentials.
  4. When prompted, review package components by clicking the view Component in Additional Detail.
  5. Select security settings as Install for All users and click Install.
    Install for Admins only. This option requires you to enable the viewing of the  Visualforce pages in Salesforce for non-admin user profiles.
    Install for All users. This is the recommended security level. You can change user access later through the Bookingsocial Admin tab.
    Install for Specific Profiles. If you have clear user profiles and want to selectively grant access by profile, choose this option.                                 
  6. Continue through wizard and complete the installation process. You will get a confirmation Email.Booking Social Installation
  7. The installation process begins and can take up to 15 minutes. You will be notified by email when it is completed.
  8. Once Booking Social app is installed add your domain(local url) to remote site setting as mentioned below,
  9. After installing all the packages successfully, navigate to Setup > App Setup > Installed Packages. The Booking Social installed package appears in the list of installed packages as shown below,Installed-Package
  10. You will now be able to see Booking Social in the list of applications on top-right section of the browser.Installed App listing

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