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 Booking Social Package

Booking Social functionality is delivered through App Exchange package on Salesforce platform. This is a managed package built on the platform and can be installed on any of Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, Performance edition of Salesforce.

Note: For professional edition requires API access. All other editions will have API access by default.

Installation Process

You can install our appilcation through appexchange or by contacting our technical support.
  • Salesforce Listing:

Go to Booking Social App listing and click on “Get It Now” button.

  • Booking Social Team:

Contact our technical support team and get installation URL by sending the email to us ( Navigate to installation URL on your browser and follow installation steps as mentioned below.

Application Installation Steps
  • Login to your Salesforce instance in which you want to install Booking Social app.
  • You can choose security settings based on your needs, following are the security settings available,
    • Install for Admins only – This option requires you to enable the viewing of the  Visualforce pages in Salesforce for non-admin user profiles.
    • Install for Specific Profiles – If you have clear user profiles and want to selectively grant access by profile, choose this option.

We recommend you to set security setting to “Install for All users” because this is going to be a trail or test experience.Booking Social Installation

  • Installation process may sometime takes 30 minutes. Now is the time for a cofee break. As soon as the installation is complet you will be notified via email.
  • After successful installation, you will see the Booking Social app.

Contact, if you are not able to see the Booking Social app installed. By default we provide two Booking Social license for trying out the app, if not we will provide necessary license.

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