Booking appointments from your Facebook page

The ability to book an appointment or schedule a consultation with a business via Facebook or other social profiles could definitely help a small business or service provider stand out from the crowd. Many of your existing customers are already using Facebook, Booking Social enables you to interact with customers and expand your online reach.

Booking Social lets your customers book appointments or send business inquiry right from your Facebook page. Customers can schedule an appointment from the social site and won’t necessarily have to find your online appointment booking page sitting elsewhere.

Here’s how to connect Booking Social to your Facebook page.

  1. Login to your Facebook account and search for “Booking Social Appointments app” in the search box.Booking Social Facebook Page
  2. Hit the “Add Booking Social App” button.Booking Social Facebook Page - Booking
  3. Next is you need to choose the Facebook page where you want to add the “Book An Appointment” button. Choose your target Facebook page and click on “Add Page Tab“.Facebook App Privacy
  4. Go to your Facebook Page and click on the “Book Social” button. Depending upon the number of applications you have added to your page tab, you may have to click the small “arrow”, in order to reveal the second or third row of different buttons.Facebook tab with Booking Social
  5. Enter your organization id, organization name and site URL to connect Booking Social account to your Facebook account.Click “Next”  to finish the process.Configure Facebook App
  6. Your site URL will be activated within 3 business hours.
  7. Your Booking Social appointment page is now connected to your Facebook account and your booking page can now be accessed directly from your Facebook page.Booking Social in Facebook

When your customers or existing clients hit the “Book Social” button, they will see your online appointment booking page right inside Facebook.  Your customers can  book an appointment with your business, without having to leave Facebook.(NOTE: Site URL must be in https format. )

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