Using Trial Account

Once Booking Social application is installed, you will be able to see “Trail Pack” account readily available for you.


Launch “Trial Pack” to experience the trail setup.

Following are the data we have created for trial account,

  • Services with proper working hours defined
  • Experts(Staff members) who perform the service
  • Appointments for past and future dates

You will be able to perform the following action in your trial account,

  • Navigate to calendar and book appointment
  • Modify settings to implement your business needs with simple point and click user interface
  • View dashboard to get holistic picture of your past schedules and work execution


Booking Social calendar is a powerful tool that helps service teams to effectively manage work and interactively assign, reassign and perform business critical operations.


Configuration Settings

Booking Social lets you to define different business process based on business units, it can be calendar, appointment web site, communication procedures and more.

Booking Social Configuration Screen


Dashboard provides holistic view of your account transactions. Dashboard view can be easily filtered to expose the granular insights needed to improve the operational efficiency.

Dashboard ~Nitai 2015-08-10 13.17.37

Dashboard ~Nitai

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