Customize Your Admin Booking Calendar

Admin calendar page will be used by internal Salesforce users. Usually the users will be administrators, epxerts, dispatcher, customer service representatives.

How to get into  admin calendar page?

Login to your Booking Social  account and navigate to the “Booking Social” tab -> choose a account -> Click Calendar

Booking Social Home Tab

Default calendar will be launched based on customization, we have three types of calendar to choose with.

User Calendar

How to customize the admin calendar?

Navigate to the “Booking Social” tab -> choose a account -> click “Configure” and select “Calendar Action” -> “Calendar Settings”.


Calendar date format : People around the world use different date order formats to write down the numerical form of calendar dates. Choose one of the appropriate date formats from the available list.

Calendar info : Display the content/information in the calendar page, it is used to describe the organization, or anything important that needs to be displayed in calendar page.

Appointment status : You can add new status for your appointment or choose the color for existing appointment status to indicate priority of the status.

Event layout : Choose the the design pattern in which the events needs to be displayed in calendar.

You can configure your calendar settings and make it work just the way you want. You can change your project calendar or resource calendar here.


Past day booking : Past day booking allows the user to book appointment on past date. This setting will be used for tracking past events that are missed. (Not recommended).

Enable Notification:Enable Notification allows the user to see the recent notification  in the calendar.

Calendar start time : Define the calendar start time, usually this is based on the operational hours of business.

Calendar end time : Define the calendar end time, usually this is based on the operational hours of business.


Client type : When we book new appointment in calendar, this setting allows to pre select new contact or existing contact for quick appointment booking.

Enable Drag and Drop: Enable Dag and Drop allows the user to drag the appointment from one time to another in the calendar.

Calendar mini popup type : Customize the style of the mini popup size.

  • Normal- it will be fit and small in size.
  • Loose- it will be loose.



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