Guided Appointment Booking Widget

Follow the below steps to book appointment!


Name Required Datatype Description
prv Yes String Pass the predefined service Id
sid Yes Id Pass the predefined service Id
lid No Id Lead id can be passed to select existing lead

Step 1: To book predefined service, pass the serviceId to this screen. Select the date and time to book appointment.

Guided Booking Appointment Time Selection (2)

Step 2: Enter the details and click “Next step :confirm appointment” button. If you pass the leadId then customer information will be pulled from Salesforce.

Guided Booking Contact Address

Step 3: Verify appointment details and click confirm your appointment, else click “Previous step: details” button to change    appointment details.

Guided Booking Confirm Appointment

Step 4: Once appointment is booked you get success message with booked information. Also based on configuration your customers may receive mail or short message.

Guided Booking Status

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