Payment Integration

Booking Social enables payment gateways like Paypal, Authorize.Net, Citrus etc. This provides secure payment transaction from your customers. This way your customer can pay for the chosen services, it reduces no shows. Here are few steps to setup payment process.

1.Login into salesforce and navigate to “Booking Social” tab

Booking Social Tab

2.Click “Configure“, navigate to “Integration” and select  “Payment” –> “Payment Setting“. If you want to set payment to your Booking Widget then click “Yes“. To notify your customers about every payment transaction through email choose the email template for Payment success and Payment failure and hit “Save”.


3.Now you have to setup the payment Gateway account. From “Configure” page navigate to                 “Payment” -> “Payment Gateway“. Here you have to set your payment gateway by entering your account name, password, key.For example if you choose Paypal you have to enter:

username :      
password  :  C6DPS9CLJQ7VGF
accountsignature: AH7mCx9lszSQDbSqs..P2PwfWHKWdsjG065Qo0C3ymzOd.Z2-XSbZD
and click “Save”
Now your payment is configured to Booking Social and your customers will be notified through email once the payment is processed.
(NOTE:You must add the site url in remote site page to configure the payment gateway)

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