Setting up the WebEx In Booking Social

With WebEx you can meet with as few as to  many people – in real time, online. No more frustrating phone conference, you can get more done in easy online meetings. The following are the steps to setup WebEx in Booking Social.

  1. Login to Booking Social account, navigate to “Booking Social” tab.
  2. Click “Configure” -> “WebEx Configuration”.
  3. Select “Yes” to configure the WebEx settings.
  4. Enter the  WebEx id (login) and Password of  WebEx administrator.
  5. Enter the site id, site url , partner id and xml url to configure WebEx setting.
  6. Hit “Save” button to save your settings.
  7. Now Your WebEx is integrated with Booking Social.


(NOTE: You have to set the site url in remote site setting )

  1. Remote Site SettingTo use WebEx , WebEx site url must be added in the Remote Site Setting.


Click on“New Remote Site” and enter the WebEx site url to configure.


Now WebEx is configured with Booking Social.

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