Troubleshooting Installation Issues

This section outlines some of the typical problems you may encounter while installing Booking Social.

Problem Solution
I do not have the BookingSocial Installation link. Please contact Booking Social technical support or your account executive. Please have your 15-digit Salesforce Org ID ready.
I don’t have the installation password or the installation password does not work in AppExchange. The installation password is sent in the email with installation links. Note that this password is case-sensitive and cannot contain spaces. If you continue to have problems in AppExchange installation, contact Booking Social technical support
I did not get an email confirming the package installation. I don’t see any Booking Social in the Installed Packages section either. The time it takes to install a package may vary anywhere between a few seconds to several minutes. Try installing the package again. If the problem persists, contact Salesforce customer support or contact Booking Social technical support
The Installation key I received in the email has expired. The installation key is normally valid for 30 days. Please contact your account executive or BookingSocial technical support to get a new installation key.
I get an error that the installation key is not valid for this instance. The installation key can be used only on a specific Salesforce instance uniquely identified by an Org ID. Note that Production and Sandbox are considered as separate instances since they have different Org IDs.
No licenses are available to assign to users. Your trial period may have expired. Contact your BookingSocial account executive for further action.
I am unable to see Booking Social listed in the applications. You may not have deployed the Booking Social packages after installation. See Install Booking Social Packages for instructions.

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